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Transportation Details & Agreement/INVOICE
1. Estimated Number of Hours: ___________________
2. Start Time: ______________ End Time : _________________
3. Exact Pick up Locations & Times by Street/Address and full name and phone numbers: (Client required to fill this in with your detailed info or e-mail it to: or fax to (804-730-7047) your itinerary or vision for your event- We REQUIRE detailed information)

4. Type of vehicle & # of passengers: _______________________________
Invoice Column: << Office/ Staff Use Only >>
Cost of Vehicle per hour :__________________________( tax & service fee / gratuity not included)
1) Vehicle_________ + 2.) Catering__________ + 3.) Other__________________
Service Fee (20% of 1 thru 3) ______________ + Tax (5%) __________=$_________ (Total)

Driver/Hosts Name Assigned to this Job: ____________________________________

Pre-Payment: 100% due at the time of reservations; Additional hours will be automatically billed

I agree that any additional time, (rounded to the hour), services, tolls, or attorney fees should a breach of contract occur, or other miscellaneous items and the required 20% service fee for all items including but not limited to vehicle usage, catering and other requested items will be billed accordingly to my credit card. I also understand that and any and all damages, including, but not limited to, theft of the remote controls, crystal stemware, electronics, or any other damage or theft to any materials in the vehicles including the interior and exterior of the limousines done by myself or anyone in my group, will be billed to my credit card and I authorize A Black Tie Affair to bill me accordingly should such instance occur. I further understand and agree that if smoking or sickness/illness occurs that soils the limousine, a fine and/or cleaning fee of $500.00 will be levied upon us. Any delay in traffic or extension of time is the responsibility of the client to pay those additional hours. I further agree, should any underage drinking occur, unauthorized beverages prohibited by Federal & state laws at US Federally Bonded Wineries or use of illegal substances. I and my group will be subject to immediate dismissal out of vehicle/property, subject to arrest by authorities and no refunds. Any violation ticket given to the driver/ host(ess) for improper behavior of guests, including but not limited to, standing out of the sunroof while underway, client will be fully responsible for immediate payment and will be billed accordingly. I further understand that should a delay or cancellation including but not limited to weather, traffic, accidents or mechanical, this does not constitute a refund of hours booked or already used. A Black Tie Affair will do its best to accommodate me into another limousines or equivalent size at that applicable billing rate. Colors & Type of limousines are always subject to change. Delays due to weather and traffic is always a possibility. Should internal items not operate ( i. e. Stereo, DVD, Lasers, TV, AC) refunds are not considered. WARNING: Under Virginia law, there is no liability for an injury to or death of a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location if such injury or death results from the inherent risks of the agritourism activity. Inherent risks of agritourism include, among others, risk of injury inherent to land, equipment, and animals, as well as the potential for you to act in a negligent manner that may contribute to your injury or death. You are assuming the risk of participating in this agritourism activity.

GENERAL RELEASE: Client shall hold A Black Tie Affair Limousine Service harmless from any claims or demands, including any resulting from death or personal injury arising from negligence. Client herewith releases from A Black Tie Affair Limousines any liability whatsoever from illness ,injury, damage, delays and death resulting from, but not restricted to, improper use and or consumption of alcoholic beverage, personal property, contracted or rented equipment or food consumed prior, post or during the special event. Except as provided in this paragraph, Client shall hold A Black Tie Affair Limousines and their directors, employees, agents, and property landowners harmless from any claims or demands.

X_________________________________ Phone: _________________
Client Print & Sign- must include your credit card billing address:
Address: _____________________________________________

Cell or Contact Phone Day of Event: _____________________________________

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